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A journey through the personal money stories of the US presidents and how they built wealth—or didn’t.


Discover how some of the greatest leaders are the worst money managers and our least favorite presidents are good at making money.

From Harry Truman's financial anxiety to Calvin Coolidge's stock market troubles and George Washington's marriage-enhanced net worth - our presidents are just like us, chasing the American financial dream. 

"I started reading books about presidential history and personal finance just after college. Never have I encountered a book that takes more than a superficial glance at combining the two. Gorman’s fresh take on examining presidential history through a lens of personal finance is compelling, relatable, and hard to put down. I connected to some of our most revered and reviled presidents in ways that surprised me—both positive and negative. It is gratifying and alarming to think that some of the most brilliant leaders in our history have made mortal decisions with their money. ATPM should be required reading for anyone taking a personal finance or U.S. history course."

Billy J Hensley, Ph.D.

President and CEO National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)


Financial Legacies That Inspire 



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Money is always moving. The savvy follow it

to build, grow and keep wealth.

Uncover the financial narratives of America's commanders-in-chief in All the Presidents Money. Written by Megan Gorman, a seasoned tax attorney and wealth manager, readers explore the varied personal finance stories of the US Presidents—from George Washington to Joe Biden. Find out who really was the poorest president, if Harry Truman was just troubled by late-night financial worries, and whether Calvin Coolidge was misguided by his stockbroker during the 1930 crash.

Key Points:

  • Historical Wealth Insights

  • Presidential Poverty

  • Investment Blunders

  • Success Stories vs. Financial Failures

  • Building Your Wealth Strategy


We often view US Presidents as financial titans, untouched by monetary concerns that plague the average American. However, Megan Gorman reveals that they, too, experience financial anxiety, budgeting woes, and the often frustrating pursuit of the American financial dream.

Benefits to the Reader:

  • Learn from History: Gain insights into how financial acumen (or the lack thereof) shaped the presidencies.

  • Expert Analysis: Benefit from Gorman's tax and wealth management expertise.

  • Apply Lessons: Discover financial strategies that still work today and avoid mistakes made by past presidents.

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The past informs the future and Gorman’s unique expertise living in today’s environment yet looking back and reflecting will go a long way to connecting the past to impact future on money and personal finance.  I applaud the bridge she’s built and therefore the conversations that it will open for tomorrow.

Connie Weaver, CMO Equitable


Megan Gorman

Megan is the founding partner of Chequers Financial Management, a fee-only planning firm specializing in high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth families in San Francisco, California. Chequers focuses on establishing long-term relationships with families and helps them navigate through tax, estate, liquidity, and investment planning. Megan heads the firm's family office services practice.

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